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Shiny tiffany pumo pinecone 14cm

Shiny tiffany pumo pinecone 14cm
Limited Edition
Shiny tiffany pumo pinecone 14cm
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Handmade ceramic Pumo pinecone.

Color: Shiny tiffany

Height: 14cm

Our Pumi are created on the lathe and hand-glazed in a small artisan workshop.

In the manufacturing process we take care of the details: the leaves are equidistant and aligned, the enamel is perfect, this makes our Pumi unique and of superior quality compared to the products marketed.

Each of our Pumo is packaged with history, meaning and certificate of origin and guarantee.

It is possible to customize the Pumi both in colors (also with the use of pantone colors), and with initials, names, phrases, company logos etc. to use them as favors for any event and gift in general.

This particular, inimitable and unique coloring is born in our laboratory following a series of steps, the main feature is the bright coloring with shades of shades ranging from dark brown to turquoise.

Other colors available.

Discount available for quantity purchase.