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carella ostuni
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carella ostuni
Pennellata dopo pennellata
dettaglio dopo dettaglio
carella ceramics
Ceramics that
tell about Puglia
Our ceramics
ceramiche artigianali
Piccoli dettagli che risultano
impercettibili decidono tutto!
(W.G. Sebald)
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Discover our ceramics

Carella ceramics are made in Ostuni in our artisan workshops where every day a qualified team works earth, water and fire giving life to our ceramics.

Carella Ceramics

Family passion for three generations

Our story begins in the 70’s, thanks to Nonno Peppino, artist and master in the production of whistles. In these years, the first Show Room has opened in Ostuni with ceramics, dishes and refined furnishing elements..

Later, thanks also the collaboration of local artisans, we created our lines of ceramics and whistles, all in the name of local tradition.

Since the 2000s, thanks to Angelo and Antonella, we started producing ceramics in our production laboratory. Here every day our team, with love and passion for their job, gives life to unique and original ceramics.

Marco has been working alongside his parents in business management for some years, dealing with communication, quality and customer relations, to tell our story and traditions all over the world.

Latest News

08 Jun A dream come true: the new production plant
gregory 0 2349
The new Carella Ceramics production plant joins our large family and joins our laboratory and our sales points. We have grown a lot during these year..
26 Feb Ceramics suitable for food use. Why choose a certified ceramic?
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Who, among us, does not have at least one ceramic plate, glass or bottle at home? Is your product suitable for food use? At Carella Ceramics we pay a..
25 Feb Puglia design: Carella ceramics on M Le Monde
gregory 0 5808
It is quite common to find in an antique store “green spots” ceramics and bowls that for centuries our grandmothers have used for the most common uses..