It is quite common to find in an antique store “green spots” ceramics and bowls that for centuries our grandmothers have used for the most common uses such as storing food.

The decoration:

This kind of decoration called "smammorizzato" or "Smamriato" was invented centuries ago by local artisans for the simpleness of decoration. In this way they were able to obtain a decorated ceramic to sell at a low price.

The manufacturing process involves "splashing" of the piece with colored glaze before being cooked. The order in which the droplets of glaze fall on the piece is completely random which makes each piece unique and inimitable!

In the French Magazine “M Le Monde” they spoke about our Limmi and how this tradition has been handed down for generations until today. Our "smammoried" ceramics are part of the "Puglia design" collection that comes from the union of two styles: "Lo smamriato" and the curtainsider or "martinese".

The modern manufacturing processes are combined with the ancient manufacturing techniques. For all our ceramic tableware we use certified glazes suitable for food use that are available in different colors. You can find the entire collection of Limmi and dishes of Puglia design Carella by visiting the "table and kitchen" section on our web site.