The choice of wedding favors is a very important step in organizing a successful wedding and should not be left to chance because it will be the memory of the wedding that all guests will bring home.

Are you looking for your handmade wedding favors and would you like to amaze everyone? Here are some tips:

Wedding trends of 2020

According to Pantone LLC, 2020 is the year of Classic Blue in its simplest shade that is very similar to navy blue. It is easy to combine with different colors and it transmits calm, simplicity and safety. With its marine tones it is perfect for summer weddings.

Choice of wedding favors: here are some 100% handmade wedding favors

An Apulian lucky charm

A lucky object, which speaks of a land colored by the green of olive trees and the blue of the sea. A Pumo or Pigna made of ceraramic could be an original wedding gift.
Walking through the Apulian villages you can see how this object is used to adorn noble houses and loggias. It is a symbol of "a new beginning" and bearer of luck, abundance and prosperity for the house that welcomes it.
There are different variations of the Pumo in ceramic: lamps, room air fresheners, placehoders and candle holders that can be customized in shape, fretwork and decoration making them "unique pieces".
You can customize the Pumo according to the style and theme of your wedding by giving to your guests a piece of Puglia that brings luck to their homes!

Are you looking for something particular or useful?

Would you like to give your guests something special handmade and that might come in handy over time?
The "useful" favors are enjoying considerable success, so much so that the choice of room air freshners with fragrance, handmade ceramic bottles filled with Apulian oil and handmade candle holders is increasing considerably.

Do you have an idea?

Would you like to create a new personalized ceramic object? Write to and tell us about your project. We will be happy to give life to your idea by creating ceramic products made in Ostuni!