Who, among us, does not have at least one ceramic plate, glass or bottle at home?
Is your product suitable for food use?

At Carella Ceramics we pay attention to all the details. Our ceramics are made in Italy by using first choice clays and glazes. During the production phases, our staff of ceramists adopts all the necessary precautions to always offer high quality products. Just think that every single piece passes 8 quality checks before being placed on the market.

To define itself as "suitable for contact with food", a ceramic must meet certain requirements. In particular, all objects must be made according to certain production standards and must not transfer in food any component capable of constituting a health hazard or capable to alter it.
All Carella tableware ceramics are MOCA certified (materials in contact with food) that is recognizable by the specific symbol "per alimenti" present on the product. These ceramics are made with certified clays and glazes and are periodically subjected to rigorous tests in authorized laboratories.

Carella tableware ceramics are handmade and glazed, are suitable and certified for food use and can be washed in the dishwasher. They are recognizable by the "CARELLA" brand because we have been showing our family name for three generations!