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Ceramics that tell about Puglia

In the middle of the Città Bianca, there is the only artisan laboratory for the production of handmade ceramics and terracotta objects. Here, every day, a centuries-old ritual is repeated which consists in modeling and decorating the earth, the air, the water and the fire with skillful hands.

The new technologies, combined with the ancient techniques of the ceramists of the past, allow us to offer high quality products that respect the environment during the production process and with the guarantee of the handmade. All our ceramics before being placed on the market go through six quality checks because for us it is important to produce only high quality craftsmanship!

Thanks to our creative flair, together with the unparalleled artistic profile of our team, each of our creations is a unique, unequaled and inimitable piece. This because in our laboratory we are able to customize the objects adapting them to the needs and uses of our customers, because for us working means having fun!